Best Sliding Door Closers

Locally developed in Australia

Locally Made In Australia

Exclusive to Best Sliding Door Doctor

Best Sliding Door Closers can efficiently close sliding glass doors , sliding security doors and sliding fly doors.

Originally developed to assist people to comply with WA Pool Regulation to make sliding doors self closing along with self latching at 1500mm to protect young children from drowning in swimming pools and spas. Now been in use for over 25 years so truly a tried and tested product.

Still available for pool regulations as well as just closing the sliding door to stop the pests coming inside your home.

Sliding Doors may require servicing by Best Sliding Door Doctor prior to installation to enable closer to work well and have a long life.

Best Sliding Door Closer is available in magnolia, white, brown, doeskin, anotec grey, bronze, black, mill colours.

If you need a closer that works well and will give many years of good service give Best Sliding Door Doctor a call to supply and install to your sliding door closer.