Child Sponsorship and Agape Mission School  

Help Us Help Others

Best Sliding Door Doctor has a history of Christian giving especially to release children from poverty.


Child Sponsorship This includes ongoing sponsorship of five children in different countries for 10 years through Compassion Australia.  Compassion endeavours to release children from poverty through child sponsorship. The program is administered by the local church and develops children that graduate with skills to be economically self supporting, are physically and emotionally healthy, and demonstrate a genuine relationship with Christ. For further information

School Building: We are assisting in the vision of building Agape Mission School in Kolkata, India for 20 girls rescued from a life of child poverty and prostitution and for children from the local community.The leadership vision is to build a new 100 place Home for rescued children along with a local school for 500 students combined with old people’s units. The vision is that once this is built it will be self funding through education fees and rental of the old peoples units. Currently the children are being accommodated in an older building and are being home schooled. The new land has been acquired and building has begun with the first stage of the school almost completed.

Special Offer

Buy a can for a $10 donation to Agape Mission School

As a fundraiser to further support of the Agape Mission School, Best Sliding Door Doctor have purchased and will donate at an exceptionally good wholesale price 1000 cans of the silicone spray.

Silicone spray has been used and recommended to our customers by Best Sliding Door Doctor for many years to lubricate sliding doors, windows, locks and hinges.  Silicone spray is designed to lubricate, waterproof and protect surfaces from binding, corroding and squeaking. It does not pick up the dirt and go black nor mark clothing as other petroleum based products do.

We are offering this exceptional useful product for use around your home that will lubricate, waterproof and protect in many situations for your home or car. With a can of silicone spray at a cost to you of only $10.00 ,which I know you will find many uses for and will last for years, you can help us to help others.


Please speak to our technician or call 1300653909 or email to order a can of silicone or donate to Agape Mission School. Help Us Help Others

On behalf of Graeme and Charnay Finlayson owners of Best Door Doctor Pty Ltd we would like to thank you for your support.