Security Door Servicing

Sliding Security Door or Sliding Fly Door Servicing

This service is undertaken if:

  • The door is grinding on the track or frame
  • The door is hard to close or open
  • The rollers have worn out
  • The door keeps falling off
  • The door is not square to the side causing problem to latch or lock

Best Sliding Door Doctor offers a comprehensive service of your Sliding Security door or Sliding Fly door in order to bring them up to new running again.

As part of the service our service technicians remove the door:-

(1) re-surface the bottom tracking or replacement cover tracks
(2) clean the tracking and frame top and bottom
(3) fit new guides at the top
(4) new wheels and carriages at the bottom
(5) square the door to the sides
(6) tighten any loose framework
(7) adjust any locks and catches
(8) lubricate with silicone spray.

Unlike other companies Best Sliding Door Doctor has found that by servicing the tracking itself or replacing with a cover track ensures the rollers last longer and the door runs smoother, giving you the benefit of another life of 10 years out of the door with normal usage and position.

Hinge Security Door Refit & Replacement

This service is undertaken if:

  • The hinges are loose or broken on door
  • The door seems to have dropped
  • The door is touching the step or side of frame

Best Sliding Door Doctor provides a complete refit of hinged security doors to give the door long lasting strength

This is done by :-

(1) removing the door
(2) removing old hinges off door
(3) refit new hinges in adjusted position
(4) refit the door
(5) re-drilling and re-hanging  the door
(6) adjusting the lock and strike
(7) adjust closer This will give the door long lasting strength.

Hinge Door Closer

This service is undertaken if:

  • The door fails to close and latch
  • The door closer is no longer working, causing the door to slam

Hinged security doors closer not working Best Sliding Door Doctor refit new closer in new position making sure it’s set in correct position to enable optimum operation.