Lock Replacement 

Best Sliding Door Doctor specializes in the replacement or upgrading of all brands of Sliding Glass Door Locks, Sliding Security Door Locks, Hinged Security Door Locks, Wooden Door Locks, and Window Locks.

This Service is undertaken if:

  • A lock is broken and no longer will latch, snib lock, or key lock open.
  • Locks or handles are worn, corroded or damaged.
  • Keys broken in lock or missing keys
  • More secure locks are required
  • Modernize older locks and handles

Sliding glass Door Locks

When you call Best Sliding Door Doctor your enquires are answered by our owner/operator who can determine, by asking relevant questions from his 25 years of experience, the type and make of lock currently on your sliding glass door. He can then advise you of options concerning service, replacement or upgrade of your sliding glass door lock and provide you with an estimated price.

There are three main types of fitting of sliding glass door locks:

(1)Custom Sliding Glass Door Locks which due to specific door cutouts and configuration can only be replaced with the same type of lock e.g. Jason Lever Lock, Jason Bolt lock, Jason Mortise Lock, BGC Affinity Mortise Lock… door brands usually less than 15 years

(2)Generic Sliding Glass Door Locks have standard industry door holes which enable upgrading to new interchangeable standard-fit sliding door locks with little or no modification. Certain new door brands and many older door brands usually more than 15 years old use generic sliding glass door locks e.g. Dowell locks, Stegbar Locks, Trimview Locks, Comalco Locks, Old Jason Locks, Precision Locks…

(3)Unavailable Sliding Glass Door Locks. As some locks are no longer available we have come up with modifications to fit other generic sliding glass door locks e.g. Boral Digi Lock,  Boral Km lock and more.

Best Sliding Door Doctor is a lock specialist in Sliding Glass Door Locks and can replace, service, and rekey most door locks.

Sliding Security or Hinged Security Door Locks

If you’re Sliding or hinged Security Door lock will not latch, snib, key lock, or open this generally means that the central lock mechanism is worn or broken and needs replacing.

Best Sliding Door Doctor can replace your central security lock using the existing barrel and triple lock mechanism.

Sometimes the triple lock is worn or broken and requires replacing; occasionally, it’s the barrel that the problem and needs replacing.

Best Sliding Door Doctor can supply and fit most brands of security door locks, and double or triple mechanisms including: Whitco Tasman Mk2, Whitco Tasman Mk3, Whitco Safety Door Lock, Austral Ultimate, Austral Elegance, Whitco Leichardt, Austral Sd7, Lockwood 6853, Lockwood 6854.

Our service technicians can also open locked security doors, replace barrels on door locks.

Wooden Door Locks

Best Sliding Door Doctor Service technicians can replace or add additional locks to external wooden doors e.g. entrance sets, deadbolts, deadlocks, tri locks, night latches, LS1000 lever locks, some mortise locks.

We can also replace passage sets or privacy sets as a single item or to the whole house to modernize your doors.

Window Locks and Patio Bolts

Best Sliding Door Doctor can replace your existing window locks or add new window locks to all your windows and doors for increased security.

Most current window brands come with custom window locks included upon installation. Best door doctor can replace and rekey to your key any damaged or broken locks.eg Jason Breezeway locks, BGC Affinity Vent Locks, Dowell/ Boral Vent Locks, Stegbar vent locks…

Most older window brands required generic window locks to be added for additional security. These included window vent locks, wooden window bolts, sash window locks, patio bolts, and window winders.

Best Sliding Door Doctor has had vast experience in the installation of all types of locks on windows and doors.