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Perth’s leader in Window Servicing

With over 35+ years experience, Graeme and the team at Best Sliding Door Doctor can service your windows and return the look and function of your windows to new again.

Not only will we come and service your windows, but we also provide window repairs where through age, wear and tear or components failing the window is no longer working as it should.

Our window repair service is offered all over the city.

We work all over Perth WA, from Two Rocks to south of Mandurah and everywhere in between.

Our window repairs and servicing covers a wide variety of styles of windows including the following:

Sliding Glass Window Servicing

Sliding window repair is common in homes across Perth WA for a variety of reasons.

This window service is undertaken if:

  • The window is hard to open or close
  • The window is grinding on the track
  • Window fame is coming apart and requires re-fitting.

Our team will do a comprehensive service on sliding glass windows to bring them up to new running again.

As part of the service our service technicians:

(1) remove the windows
(2) resurface the bottom track
(3) clean the tracking and frame top and bottom
(4) fit new guides at the top
(5) new wheels and carriages at the bottom
(6) square the window to the sides
(7) adjust any locks and catches
(8) lubricate with silicone

Unlike other companies, we have found that by servicing the tracking, the rollers last longer. This results in the window running smoother, giving you the benefit of another life out of the window without costly and messy window replacement.

Double Hung Windows – Spiral Replacement

This service is undertaken if:

  • The windows will not hold in an open position;
  • The sash spirals are visibly broke
  • The sash spirals are not connected.

Best Sliding Door Doctor can replace the sash spirals in aluminium and certain wooden windows.

Double-hung windows have two sashes, one at the top and one at the bottom. Both sashes can be repaired, you can however elect to repair only the most frequently used sash and permanently fix the other one.

Hinged Aluminum Casement or Hopper Windows

Aluminium windows in need of repair are another popular service we offer. We do this type of service for aluminium casement-style windows and aluminium hopper windows.

We undertake this service if:

  • The windows won’t open or close
  • The window winder is no longer operative.

Best Sliding Door Doctor can replace your broken window winder which can be either lockable or non-lockable.

We recommend that clients whose windows are subject to coast or river conditions change to a stainless steel base and chain.

Where required we also replace window hinges or stays on aluminium casements or hopper windows depending on availability.

Double Glazed Window Repair

Double glazed windows are becoming more and more popular around Perth, as homeowners realise the value of energy conservation.

Like any window however they can suffer from wear and tear and be in need of a service. Speak to us about our repair services today.

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