Sliding Glass Door Servicing

This service is undertaken if

  • Door is grinding on the track or frame
  • Door is hard to open or close
  • The rollers have worn out
  • The door keeps coming off rail
  • The door is not square to the side causing problem to latch or lock

Best Sliding Door Doctor sliding glass door service is a comprehensive service that brings your door up to new running and may provides another life of 15 to 20 years for normal usage and position.

Our trained service technicians follow the following procedure to service your sliding glass door:

Firstly we remove the sliding door, resurface the bottom track or replace the bottom track if not possible to repair, clean the track and door frame top and bottom, and install new guide buttons at the top of the door to stop scrapping, new wheels and carriages at the bottom. Refit and adjust the sliding door squaring it to the side, making sure the door runs freely, adjust all locks and lubricate with silicone spray.

We charge a call out on all our jobs which is one off for 12 months for the property and includes a 12 month warranty. The cost of the sliding door service varies depending upon whether it is a standard lift out door or a difficult/ full removal door. Included in the pricing is the cost of all wheels, carriages and guides. Should a replacement track be required this will be an additional cost.

We allow for between 1.5 to 2 hours to service your door to make it run like new again.

We know that you will be extremely pleased with our service like thousands of customers over the past 25 years of operating in the industry.

Graeme Finlayson, Best Door Doctor Trades Feature

 (a photo courtesy of Community newspapers)