Pool Regulation

Drowning is the most preventable death of children aged 0 to 5 years. There are regulations in WA that mandate the installation of a safety barrier to enclose the swimming pool or spa. The laws are intended to protect the safety of young children by restricting access to areas containing a swimming pool or spa.

Best Sliding Door Doctor can only assist you to comply with these regulations in regards to doors and windows that are in a wall that forms part of the pool barrier of swimming pools or spas that had building approval prior to November 2001.

Best Sliding Door Doctor can assist your doors to comply with current pool regulations as of January 2015:

  • For sliding fly door, sliding security door or sliding glass door we supply and fit Best Sliding Door Closer, child safety latch at 1500mm,and remesh with tough mesh as required. We also service doors to run like new which may be required to achieve satisfactory operation.
  • For hinged fly door or hinged security door we supply and fit pneumatic door closer and move existing lock to 1500mm and patch old lock holes.
  • For hinged wood doors we supply and fit a small commercial closer and add a custom made stainless steel or brass turn buttons with spring loaded pool latch at 1500mm height.
  • For hinged glass aluminum doors we supply and fit a small commercial closer and a modified

A latch at 1500mm height.

  • For sliding glass windows we supply and fit allen key operated poll window stops at 100mm opening or pool compliant screens.
  • For hinged windows we supply 100mm chain stops or window winders with a chain stop at 100mm.

Best Sliding Door Doctor also offers servicing of all existing doors and windows and gates that have been modified for pool regulation previously to assist in meeting the regulations for council inspections.

  • Sliding closer servicing or replacement of all brands LGM, Inventco Water Closer, Best Sliding Door Closer…
  • Replace child safety pool latches.
  • Service sliding door to bring to new running and operating.
  • Pneumatic hinged closer adjustment or replacement.
  • Hinged door closers and latches adjusted.
  • Gate springs, hinges, latches adjusted or replaced.
  • Servicing of sliding doors to bring up to new running.